2014-05-07 02:44:51 +0000osa1(~omer@
2014-05-07 03:01:34 +0000 <osa1> hi all. I was thinking maybe at least during GSoC can we use a mailing list for questions? I guess this would be very useful for all GSoC participants since we may want to ask same basic questions or maybe we can even help each other etc. and we don't always be online at the same time(probably mostly because of time zone differences) so mailing list would be really come in handy. luite and GSoC participants, what do you think?
2014-05-07 03:02:52 +0000 <luite> osa1: i think we can use the normal GHCJS mailing list for this. but for things that require some design, wiki pages on the repo would be better. and for specific features/improvements the github ticket system
2014-05-07 03:03:19 +0000 <luite> also this channel is now logged, see http://ircbrowse.net/browse/ghcjs
2014-05-07 03:03:43 +0000 <osa1> luite: ahh nice, I didn't know this channel is logged.
2014-05-07 03:03:51 +0000 <osa1> luite: where can I subscribe to GHCJS mailing list?
2014-05-07 03:04:03 +0000 <luite> uh i kinda forgot, it's a google groups list
2014-05-07 03:04:18 +0000 <osa1> okay let me google it
2014-05-07 03:06:07 +0000 <osa1> luite: this one https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/ghcjs ?
2014-05-07 03:07:04 +0000 <luite> yep
2014-05-07 03:09:43 +0000 <osa1> so do you want me to ask questions like "how that this work in RTS" or about some design decisions in the mailing list or should I open github tickets for that too?
2014-05-07 03:10:44 +0000 <luite> shall i add a ghcjs-gsoc repo where evryon is allowed to litter the ticket system with these questions?
2014-05-07 03:11:15 +0000 <luite> knrafto has his own repo since he's working on a lib
2014-05-07 03:11:32 +0000 <luite> but the basic/low level q's can still go somewhere else
2014-05-07 03:11:35 +0000 <luite> ok, need to go now
2014-05-07 03:13:34 +0000 <osa1> luite: that works for me. I was guessing that there may be similar questions asking by GSoC students so that would solve this too. (we can also move answers to wiki once questions started to come in)
2014-05-07 03:35:45 +0000 <osa1> are there any parameters other than -fdisable-optimizer to pass to cabal to build GHCJS faster?
2014-05-07 03:37:31 +0000 <carter> -j ?
2014-05-07 03:37:40 +0000 <carter> -O0
2014-05-07 03:37:43 +0000yogurt_truck(~yogurt_tr@ ()
2014-05-07 03:37:46 +0000 <carter> -fassstaaaaa
2014-05-07 03:40:39 +0000 <luite> ghcjs-boot supports -j
2014-05-07 03:41:07 +0000 <luite> osa1: what part is slow?
2014-05-07 03:42:46 +0000 <osa1> luite: I don't know, just building with some changes in Compiler.Program takes 170 seconds on my laptop
2014-05-07 03:43:09 +0000 <osa1> carter: I thought -fdisable-optimizer would add -O0 ?
2014-05-07 03:43:17 +0000 <carter> probably does!
2014-05-07 03:43:19 +0000 <carter> i've not looked
2014-05-07 03:43:20 +0000 <carter> :)
2014-05-07 03:43:25 +0000 <osa1> okay :)
2014-05-07 03:43:33 +0000 <luite> no it doesn't
2014-05-07 03:43:58 +0000 <luite> since that would actually have the opposite of the intended effect
2014-05-07 03:44:29 +0000 <luite> -fdisable-optimizer disables the GHCJS dataflow optimizer, to make GHCJS (and ghcjs-boot, experimenting with changes etc) faster
2014-05-07 03:44:39 +0000 <osa1> ah
2014-05-07 03:44:54 +0000 <luite> building GHCJS with -O0 doesn't save you time if you have to reboot since it makes the compiler much slower
2014-05-07 03:45:30 +0000 <osa1> okay then maybe I can use -O0 for type checking purposes and then build without that for testing for real(which may mean booting again)