2015-01-25 05:35:19 +0100 <Shockk> I figured out that I can set the path to the package db, but my issue is that the cabal sandbox package db is named like:
2015-01-25 05:34:31 +0100 <Shockk> I have some code that uses the GHC API to dynamically compile/load a module but I'm having an issue in that I'm using a cabal sandbox for the dependencies required for my project, and I require those dependencies for the modules to be dynamically loaded as well;
2015-01-25 04:06:51 +0100 <kranius> you may want to 'cabal sandbox init
2015-01-25 04:05:50 +0100 <glguy> or just: cabal install mtl
2015-01-25 04:05:46 +0100 <glguy> You'll need to install mtl. A quick way to do that from your project is: cabal install --only-dependencies
2015-01-25 04:05:06 +0100 <Shockk_> cabal: At least the following dependencies are missing:
2015-01-25 04:04:58 +0100 <Shockk_> hello, I'm having a problem with the cabal file for my project; I've added a dependency on mtl >= 2.2 && < 2.3 but when I attempt to build, I'm getting this error:
2015-01-25 03:30:18 +0100 <Lokathor_> i have had more problems with cabal hell than i have ever had with the haskell language itself
2015-01-25 01:07:13 +0100 <Hijiri> If your project doesn't already have a .cabal file you can make one with cabal init (and then manually change the deps with an editor)
2015-01-25 01:06:21 +0100 <Hijiri> Shockk: specify transformers version in your .cabal file
2015-01-25 00:58:25 +0100 <Xe> I have a cabal package that is stuck as hidden
2015-01-25 00:34:23 +0100 <zachk> i broke my haskell install bad installing the new version, should i reinstall cabal as well?
2015-01-24 23:51:47 +0100 <zachk> how do I update the base-x.x.x.x package using cabal?
2015-01-24 23:28:33 +0100 <Dodek> i created some cabal package with a library, installed it, and use it in my cabal package with executable
2015-01-24 23:06:56 +0100 <jmcarthur> Pamelloes: you can remove all locally (to your user) installed packages by just removing $HOME/.ghc. this will not remove globally installed packages, such as base. it will also leave alone any local executables you installed with cabal (which live under $HOME/.cabal/bin)
2015-01-24 23:04:40 +0100 <Pamelloes> Is there an easy way to uninstall all packages installed with cabal?
2015-01-24 22:58:45 +0100 <glguy> Pamelloes: try "cabal help sandbox" and read about "add-source"
2015-01-24 22:57:40 +0100 <Pamelloes> How can I make a cabal project in one sandbox depend on another cabal project in a different sandbox?
2015-01-24 22:49:41 +0100 <Hijiri> cabal installs packages to your user directory
2015-01-24 22:49:39 +0100 <temoto> horny-sama, then you either need to `cabal install random` as user or `cabal install --global random`
2015-01-24 22:45:52 +0100 <horny-sama> temoto: cabal install random atm
2015-01-24 22:45:05 +0100 <temoto> horny-sama, so you have it and don't need to install anything else. cabal install random
2015-01-24 22:44:44 +0100 <horny-sama> /usr/bin/cabal
2015-01-24 22:44:44 +0100 <horny-sama> which cabal || yum install cabal-install
2015-01-24 22:44:25 +0100 <temoto> horny-sama, which cabal || yum install cabal-install
2015-01-24 22:44:13 +0100 <Hijiri> cabal works fine for me, with the caveat of aggressive sandboxing
2015-01-24 22:44:03 +0100 <horny-sama> so i need cabal and cabal-install?
2015-01-24 22:43:41 +0100 <temoto> yeah, i have cabal binary and all
2015-01-24 22:43:30 +0100 <geekosaur> Cabal is the library, cabal-install is the cabal binary
2015-01-24 22:43:29 +0100 <barrucadu> There is a difference between Cabal and cabal-install
2015-01-24 22:43:19 +0100 <temoto> Hijiri, I have cabal and it works Just "wonderful"
2015-01-24 22:43:18 +0100 <horny-sama> ghc-Cabal is installed
2015-01-24 22:42:55 +0100 <Hijiri> I guess you would need to install cabal too
2015-01-24 22:42:43 +0100 <horny-sama> Package ghc-Cabal- already installed and latest version <---but I don't call it
2015-01-24 22:41:28 +0100 <temoto> yum search cabal is what i'd do