2016-12-30 00:09:36 +0100 <wilornel> So I had to modify stack.yaml, simple.cabal, and now I need to edit my indices
2016-12-30 00:08:42 +0100 <wilornel> I mean stack.yaml and simple.cabal
2016-12-30 00:08:35 +0100 <wilornel> if I do into that `simple` template project, and do the same, I need to modify simple.yaml and stack.cabal
2016-12-30 00:07:46 +0100 <MarcelineVQ> Yes you still should, especially if you're going to share it, since with version bounds in your .cabal file people can build it with anything they like
2016-12-30 00:00:21 +0100 <wilornel> Remove happstack from simple.cabal and stack.yaml?
2016-12-29 23:07:09 +0100 <sm> (try building with cabal to find out)
2016-12-29 23:04:05 +0100 <carter> Cabal New build is pretty sweet as a build cache
2016-12-29 23:01:54 +0100 <carter> pringlescan: google it? I tend to only support cabal :)
2016-12-29 20:19:52 +0100 <wilornel> I have modified simple.cabal and stack.yaml to have happstack-7.3.8
2016-12-29 19:21:04 +0100 <Lokathor> geekosaur, adding bindings-GLFW to the cabal file gives the same error, so I assume that bindings-GLFW is already built from GLFW-b depending on it
2016-12-29 18:22:28 +0100 <byorgey> meoblast001: you want 'cabal sandbox add-source'
2016-12-29 18:22:17 +0100 <meoblast001> the exact command is $ cabal add-source ~/Development/paypal-rest-client/
2016-12-29 18:22:16 +0100 <haasn> meoblast001: cabal sandbox add-source
2016-12-29 18:21:51 +0100 <meoblast001> hi. with cabal (1.24.0) when i do "add-source" i get "unrecognised command: add-source"
2016-12-29 16:30:57 +0100 <mbw> On the other hand I should've, since cabal is the back end.
2016-12-29 16:26:08 +0100 <geekosaur> (and afaik the cabal and stack hoogle commands just build the database; you need the client to search it)
2016-12-29 15:07:15 +0100 <ertes> mbw: you don't have to use nix/stack for everything, or even cabal for that matter… i have a directory with a Makefile that just compiles individual source files
2016-12-29 15:04:15 +0100 <MarcelineVQ> to avoid version issues with ghc-mod you cabal install ghc-mod for each project you use a sandbox for, or stack build ghc-mod for each project you use stack for. intero will tell you a similar thing, to stack build intero for each lts resolver you use
2016-12-29 12:53:29 +0100 <mpickering> Linker failures are almost always because you forgot to list a module in your cabal file
2016-12-29 11:37:41 +0100 <mpsag> i dont have a cabal
2016-12-29 11:37:19 +0100 <MarcelineVQ> mpsag: it's on stackage so you just add it to your project's build dependencies in ytour .cabal file
2016-12-29 11:37:16 +0100 <osa1> mpsag: 1) find which package exports that module by searching for it in Hayoo 2) add that package to your .cabal
2016-12-29 11:17:24 +0100 <mpsag> im trying to do shell scripting with haskell/stack and once in a while it tells this or that module or interface failed to load. since there's only a script.hs and no cabal file, how am i supposed to add those?
2016-12-29 11:05:30 +0100 <sbrg> NB: I might be out of the loop when it comes to some cabal features, since I haven't used it on its own since I started using stack.
2016-12-29 11:04:55 +0100 <sbrg> but sandboxing and some other stuff cabal can do now as well, if i'm not mistaken
2016-12-29 11:03:14 +0100 <sbrg> yes, but not all packages specify their bounds correctly, which may cause cabal to pull the newest versions down when you try to build, which may or may not work
2016-12-29 11:02:51 +0100 <Lokathor> i don't add versions to my cabal files actually, i let lts figure it out
2016-12-29 11:02:33 +0100 <indi_> but aren't the required packages (and versions) specified in the .cabal file?
2016-12-29 11:00:51 +0100 <indi_> Hallo. I'm not sure how to best answer this question, so I'm might ask here. What is the most important benefit that stack gives us that cabal alone does not?
2016-12-29 09:38:26 +0100 <purelazy> Lokathor: do I use stack, or cabal install vulkan?
2016-12-29 09:35:41 +0100 <purelazy> Do I need to use cabal any more?
2016-12-29 09:34:39 +0100 <Lokathor> purelazy, stack reads a foo.cabal file (named after the package you're working with) just like cabal does, it also reads a stack.yaml file (always called stack.yaml) for additional info
2016-12-29 09:32:31 +0100 <sbrg> where <your-executable-name> is the name specified in the .cabal file
2016-12-29 00:58:36 +0100 <mounty> hpc: should I rm -rf .cabal-sandbox as well?
2016-12-29 00:58:34 +0100 <hpc> which points to .cabal which is where it puts things it builds