2015-02-18 02:59:14 +0100 <rui> cabal install something --haddock-hyperlink-source didn't work
2015-02-18 02:58:48 +0100 <rui> If I do cabal install something, how can I also build the haddock docs (with the source linked)?
2015-02-18 02:21:21 +0100 <ezrios> I'm getting sick of wrestling with cabal and the global system package database
2015-02-18 01:09:01 +0100 <linman32> hi tried installing cabal-src-0.2.5 and got this error
2015-02-18 01:00:13 +0100 <dcoutts_> acowley: so have a look at the blog post above, that outlines my general thoughts on doing it within cabal natively
2015-02-18 00:58:54 +0100 <dcoutts_> acowley: in bash, wget the index, use tar to extract just the .cabal file you're after
2015-02-18 00:58:15 +0100 <acowley> dcoutts_: Right now I download the whole package with cabal get
2015-02-18 00:56:33 +0100 <acowley> dcoutts_: But right now I grab the cabal files and run the solver to compute a nix expression
2015-02-18 00:53:39 +0100 <acowley> So, with my thing, you do "cabal init" as normal, then run "cabbage"
2015-02-18 00:53:08 +0100 <acowley> I realize that for cabal, windows support is probably an issue with using nixpkgs
2015-02-18 00:52:35 +0100 <acowley> dcoutts_: I think it's a great reflection on both nix and cabal that I could write this thing without having to change either one!
2015-02-18 00:52:04 +0100 <dcoutts_> acowley: let us know how it goes, it might help inform our design for it within cabal natively
2015-02-18 00:51:41 +0100 <dcoutts_> acowley: right, and that's the approach we'd take with doing it natively in cabal
2015-02-18 00:51:15 +0100 <dcoutts_> where as what we want to do with cabal is to use the solver to pick the set of versions
2015-02-18 00:51:12 +0100 <acowley> dcoutts_: My tool bases everything off of cabal's solver instead
2015-02-18 00:49:12 +0100 <acowley> And a big win would be to seed things with something like a cabal.config from stackage
2015-02-18 00:49:11 +0100 <dcoutts_> acowley: and what I want to get into cabal natively
2015-02-18 00:47:41 +0100 <acowley> dcoutts_: Thanks for the help, and sorry for the false alarm! I'd only seen this when doing things with cabal
2015-02-18 00:44:36 +0100 <dcoutts_> acowley: I grepped the whole Cabal, cabal-install and ghc source trees
2015-02-18 00:41:51 +0100 <acowley> dcoutts_: I can't think what could be running besides cabal-install and ghc given that command I gave
2015-02-18 00:40:12 +0100 <acowley> bitemyapp: It's a program that ties together cabal freeze and the nix store to cache builds of things
2015-02-18 00:39:22 +0100 <dcoutts_> acowley: cabal uses the readlink C function, but not the external program
2015-02-18 00:38:37 +0100 <acowley> dcoutts_: For instance, I just ran "cabal exec ghc -- --make -threaded site.hs"
2015-02-18 00:37:50 +0100 <acowley> dcoutts_: It's either cabal or ghc
2015-02-18 00:37:31 +0100 <dcoutts_> cabal itself does not call readlink as far as I know
2015-02-18 00:37:02 +0100 <acowley> dcoutts_: I will sometimes get this error from cabal
2015-02-18 00:36:35 +0100 <acowley> dcoutts_: It's all bash, and requires nothing new in cabal
2015-02-18 00:35:42 +0100 <acowley> Are any cabal maintainers around?
2015-02-17 23:48:45 +0100 <rui> geekosaur in vty.cabal, it says it can work with terminfo >= 0.3 && <0.5. I changed it to <0.4 so it uses the old terminfo installation to see if it works
2015-02-17 23:11:51 +0100 <yac> dcoutts_: https://github.com/haskell/cabal/issues/2422
2015-02-17 22:53:53 +0100 <rui> (after doing a cabal install terminfo --reinstall)
2015-02-17 22:50:00 +0100 <dcoutts_> yac: can you file a ticket with Cabal and explain the issue. Ideally we'd have a check at configure time and explain it clearly.
2015-02-17 22:37:43 +0100 <rui> geekosaur And the configure script is what file? The .cabal, or some other? Setup.lhs seems to just call defaultMain
2015-02-17 22:37:01 +0100 <dcoutts_> yac: I think we want to use what I suggested above, cabal configure --builddir=dist/dist-sandbox-82ddaa05 cabal build --builddir=dist/dist-sandbox-82ddaa05
2015-02-17 22:35:41 +0100 <yac> dcoutts_: ok, so I unpack the tarball, copy the cabal.sandbox.config there and run cabal build so I can later run the hsc2hs manualy?