2014-12-10 15:03:18 +0100 <Adeon> check out Distribution.Simple module in Cabal haddocks if you are going this route
2014-12-10 15:02:24 +0100 <Adeon> prinsen: you can write a custom Setup.hs file, change build-type in .cabal file to Custom and then modify Setup.hs
2014-12-10 14:24:06 +0100 <prinsen> If building and installing my package requires several steps (compiling with different flags, and calling external commands), can I do that in cabal?
2014-12-10 10:59:19 +0100 <osa1> any tips&tricks to dump stg of one module only, using cabal?
2014-12-10 09:40:36 +0100 <pkoerbitz> ghc-pkg check and 'cabal build' work fine
2014-12-10 08:35:09 +0100 <calvinx> do haskell developers usually place their `.cabal-sandbox` in their project root directory? Or do they place it in a separate directory (like how python’s virtualenv does it) ? What’s the typically convention?
2014-12-10 05:57:53 +0100hackagebotdoctest-discover - Easy way to run doctests via cabal http://hackage.haskell.org/package/doctest-discover- (karun012)
2014-12-10 05:20:12 +0100 <Axman6> why do you feel you need to update HTTP? it's one of those packages that likes to break lots of other packages when it gets updated (though, really, updating anything in cabal is imo usually a bad idea, use sandboxes)
2014-12-10 05:17:28 +0100 <pavonia> Holy cow, not enough space for cabal update ... I feel like in the late 90s on my machine >_>
2014-12-10 04:44:36 +0100 <alkabetz> If I’m making a Cabal package, can I put Setup.hs in a different directory from mypackage.cabal?
2014-12-10 04:40:26 +0100 <ReinH> calvinx: if your package has binaries, cabal install will install them
2014-12-10 04:40:09 +0100 <calvinx> what’s the difference between `cabal install` and `cabal install —only-depdencoes` ?
2014-12-10 03:56:36 +0100 <pecanpy> between this, cabal issues and eclipsefp issues ive spent the last two days just trying to get things to work rather than coding. :/
2014-12-10 03:51:56 +0100 <pecanpy> if i do "cabal install text" will it reinstall?
2014-12-10 03:47:15 +0100 <pecanpy> whilst processing object file \AppData\Roaming\cabal\x86_64-windows-ghc-7.8.3\text-\HStext-
2014-12-10 01:17:01 +0100 <pavonia> Here is an updated version of my cabal register error, run with -v3: http://lpaste.net/116132 I still can't see why registration would fail
2014-12-10 01:04:33 +0100 <Geraldus> It seems I have somepackages installed with previous cabal version and others with newer one, and some packages seems to be broken, e.g. I have haskell-src-exts installed, but compiler can't find H.PNeg data type from it. When I try to reinstall it cabal says that this reinstall will break other packages. What is the best solution in this case? Delete all installed packages and reinstall everything with same cabal and cabal-install
2014-12-10 00:06:06 +0100 <pavonia> This is really stange, all the mentioned files are in the dist/build directory but apparently cabal can't find them
2014-12-09 23:50:26 +0100 <pavonia> I'm still trying to build the curl package, and cabal configure and build seem to work fine (I pass the curl dev directories via --extra-include/lib-dirs), but the registering fails. Does anyone have an idea what could be the problem here? http://lpaste.net/115551
2014-12-09 23:35:22 +0100 <chrisdone> including cabal repl + ghci-ng support
2014-12-09 22:41:28 +0100 <carter> hexagoxel: instaed, cabal install cabal
2014-12-09 22:41:08 +0100 <hexagoxel> i'd say use a sandbox and install your stuff (including a newer Cabal) there
2014-12-09 22:39:53 +0100 <tasker> "ghc-pkg list" -> "/usr/local/lib/ghc-7.8.3/package.conf.d ... Cabal-"
2014-12-09 22:39:46 +0100 <luite> and some packages that depend on both ghc and Cabal get built with the older Cabal version
2014-12-09 22:39:25 +0100 <tasker> "cabal --version" -> "cabal-install version using version of the Cabal library"
2014-12-09 22:39:02 +0100 <luite> but you have to be careful to have the same Cabal lib as cabal-install executable or you'll run into trouble at times
2014-12-09 22:38:57 +0100 <statusfailed> tasker: is that the version of cabal-install maybe?
2014-12-09 22:38:18 +0100 <statusfailed> hexagoxel: it comes with the Cabal library but not cabal-install right?
2014-12-09 22:37:46 +0100 <hexagoxel> wait, latest ghc comes with Cabal
2014-12-09 22:37:45 +0100 <luite> geekosaur: template haskell doesn't use Cabal
2014-12-09 22:36:49 +0100 <geekosaur> tasker: because the Cabal library is used at runtime by things like template haskell and runghc, which will break if you upgrade the library
2014-12-09 22:36:35 +0100 <tasker> user error (The package 'distributive' requires Cabal library version >=1.19.2
2014-12-09 22:35:42 +0100 <tasker> I possibly don't understand. Why is it not possible to upgrade the Cabal library? I mean, my executable (~/.cabal/bin/cabal) is the correct version.
2014-12-09 22:35:36 +0100 <luite> but you can upgrade the Cabal lib for other things
2014-12-09 22:35:25 +0100 <luite> that's not really true. GHC 7.8 depends on Cabal, so you can only used the supplied Cabal lib for packages that also depend on the ghc library