2016-11-11 16:37:15 +0100 <sm> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/34842333/is-there-a-stack-run-similar-to-cabal-run
2016-11-11 15:23:39 +0100 <ertes> delYsid: if cabal-install works for you, use it… you will know when you need something like stack (in most cases "i need stack" is equivalent to "i'm using yesod")
2016-11-11 15:22:28 +0100 <hpc> then cabal is safer in acting on that assumption
2016-11-11 15:16:03 +0100 <hpc> cabal's dependency resolver is not easily predictable
2016-11-11 15:11:54 +0100 <jedai> delYsid: though cabal new-build is nice, using stackage prevents many compatibility problems
2016-11-11 15:02:14 +0100 <delYsid> I am a beginner, I tried cabal and stack, and found stack too involved. I am totally happy with cabal!
2016-11-11 15:01:38 +0100 <ShootLikeCurry> So am I supposed to add ghc-mod inside the .cabal file, under library build-depends?
2016-11-11 15:00:00 +0100 <hvr> I'd also point out that there's a few parts of the .cabal format that Stack doesn't yet implement
2016-11-11 14:58:52 +0100 <jedai> recently cabal-install seems to be overcoming these problems but I would still wait some times before it is stabilized and I'll recommend it again for some uses (stack doesn't cover everything)
2016-11-11 14:57:45 +0100 <jedai> cabal-install had several problems that stemmed of its model (and some GHC deficiencies) that stack alleviated
2016-11-11 14:57:02 +0100 <jedai> ShootLikeCurry: stack wrap Cabal the library that read the .cabal file format which describe a package, but it doesn't wrap cabal-install the package that provides the cabal binary that was the standard way to install Haskell package until recently
2016-11-11 14:54:43 +0100 <ShootLikeCurry> A question about stack/cabal - as I understand it, stack wraps cabal. Does that mean (as a beginner) I should avoid directly invoking cabal?
2016-11-11 08:20:30 +0100 <isd> Is there a way to get cabal gen-bounds to generate bounds for all components in the cabal file, not just the main one? I have a test suite that depends on some extra things, but it isn't generating those for me.
2016-11-11 07:16:03 +0100 <piyush-kurur> can any one point out how to make cabal sdist include modules that are only enabled when certain flags are on
2016-11-11 06:57:03 +0100 <andreabedini> hello lovely people, when I try to do "cabal install accelerate-examples" I get the following cryptic message "cabal: No executables, libraries, tests, or benchmarks found. Nothing to do." – any idea what that means?
2016-11-11 06:45:40 +0100 <n_blownapart> cabal Hi version and ghc version 7.6.3 came default with the haskell-platform for my debian 8 system. I'm trying to update the ghc to version 7.8.2, 7.8.3, or 7.8.4, in attempts to configure emacs for haskell. I gave up on trying to configure atom. How do I upgrade the ghc version? thanks
2016-11-11 06:14:13 +0100 <piyush-kurur> cabal sdist problem (I think). I have a module that is conditionally enabled with a flag. While things compile, cabal sdist I think does not include it with tarball if the flags are not given. Is there an easy work around other than enabling this flag when running cabal sdist.
2016-11-11 02:55:48 +0100 <dfeuer> Maybe not Cabal.
2016-11-11 02:55:31 +0100 <dfeuer> geekosaur, why do they do that? That seems most unfortunate. Don't we have Cabal to tell us what language extensions our compiler needs to support?
2016-11-11 02:10:50 +0100 <sgronblo> can stack already update your cabal file too btw?
2016-11-11 00:10:28 +0100 <ahri> just to make you happy i've uninstalled both ghc and cabal-install, so now i only have stack - and it can't install ghc-mod...... its error message is not helping
2016-11-11 00:05:47 +0100 <ahri> i installed ghc and cabal-install in order to build the latest stack from the git repo, because neither fpc's repo, or nix could give me a version that wouldn't fall over
2016-11-10 09:53:18 +0100 <hvr> sdx23: you may have missed that "cabal hell" is addressed by http://cabal.readthedocs.io/en/latest/nix-local-build-overview.html
2016-11-10 09:52:49 +0100 <sdx23> hvr: in itself I'm also quite a fan of system wide installations of things. But with cabal hell I gave up at some point and am quite intrigued using stack nowadays.
2016-11-10 09:28:51 +0100 <sdx23> aparrently some cabal feature I've missed out on
2016-11-10 09:21:32 +0100 <sdx23> Xnuk: configure from e.g. https://hackage.haskell.org/package/Cabal-
2016-11-10 07:56:07 +0100 <n_blownapart> anyone use ide-haskell on atom editor ? I get this error message when opening a file: " the GHC version in your PATH '7.6.3' doesn't match with GHC version used to build ghc-mod '8.0.1'. This can lead to problems when using Cabal or Plain projects
2016-11-10 07:36:44 +0100 <Koterpillar> I've heard "cabal new-build" is like stack now, but haven't tried it
2016-11-10 07:35:42 +0100 <Koterpillar> kirillow: I'm assuming you mean cabal-install the CLI tool providing "cabal build", and not "cabal new-build"
2016-11-10 07:34:21 +0100 <kirillow> when do I use cabal instead of stack?
2016-11-10 02:22:37 +0100 <fresheyeball> making a cabal sandbox and building (also compiles fine)
2016-11-10 02:22:37 +0100 <fresheyeball> I've tried cabal build (which works fine)
2016-11-10 00:38:36 +0100 <osfameron> I've added 'lucid' to my stack's cabal file
2016-11-09 18:50:27 +0100 <zyhn> anyone know if it's possible to get stack or cabal to compile/link cuda sources along with my haskell code?
2016-11-09 15:53:36 +0100 <mettekou_> ertesx: I was looking for something to play around with for later use in real projects through Cabal's benchmark field.