2014-07-25 10:03:04 +0200 <lfairy> it usually gets it wrong, without cabal to guide it
2014-07-25 09:59:56 +0200 <levi> Geraldus: But when you try to install your Yesod stuff, make sure you specify *all* the packages you're going to need in the same cabal install command.
2014-07-25 09:55:21 +0200 <triliyn> hmmm. I just installed mtl-2.2.1 (according to my cabal output), but ghc is using
2014-07-25 09:52:02 +0200 <Geraldus> Hi friends! I've tried to updgrade my Yesod installation (cabal install yesod-platform --force-reinstalls), but it failed, because of missing library HSskein. I've guessed that installing`skein` package will resolve this issue. However, skein was already installed. When I've tried to reinstall skein, I had another error about HScrypto-api library
2014-07-25 09:26:03 +0200 <triliyn> I'm using mtl-2.2.1 (I just installed it so I still have the cabal output)
2014-07-25 07:37:52 +0200hackagebotcab 0.2.12 - A maintenance command of Haskell cabal packages http://hackage.haskell.org/package/cab-0.2.12 (KazuYamamoto)
2014-07-25 07:35:07 +0200 <AncientPC> first few hours was walking a few people through ghci / cabal / cabal hell / cabal sandboxes / hoogle
2014-07-25 07:22:51 +0200hackagebotcab 0.2.11 - A maintenance command of Haskell cabal packages http://hackage.haskell.org/package/cab-0.2.11 (KazuYamamoto)
2014-07-25 03:24:45 +0200 <solidus-river> i know how to build a project with cabal
2014-07-25 02:25:23 +0200 <acowley> Just the output from trying to run "cabal test"?
2014-07-25 02:23:58 +0200 <acowley> Enigmagic: The test-suite depends on the lib. When I run cabal test, I get this error.
2014-07-25 02:23:48 +0200 <acowley> Enigmagic: I have a cabal file with a lib and a test-suite
2014-07-25 02:00:30 +0200 <acowley> Enigmagic: I keep cabal cleaning and rebuilding to no effect
2014-07-25 01:59:24 +0200 <AncientPC> Is there a ccache equivalent for cabal?
2014-07-25 01:58:14 +0200 <rasfar> cabal will typically use the newest version, but not necessarily other tools...
2014-07-25 01:55:48 +0200 <rasfar> oatsadn: you mention using "runhaskell" -- I don't use that... shouldn't you be trying "cabal configure" and "cabal build" in your project dir?
2014-07-25 01:53:35 +0200 <oatsadn> i installed haskell from macports and ran cabal update cabal (cabal told me to do it). SDL is from macports as well
2014-07-25 01:52:32 +0200 <rasfar> anyway, I need to get back to work -- if you run cabal install -v you may find some clues as to what's going on
2014-07-25 01:47:45 +0200 <rasfar> it builds all dependencies in the project dir, so it's easier to avoid version conflicts etc. ("cabal hell")
2014-07-25 01:46:56 +0200 <rasfar> oatsadn: sandbox is a relatively new feature of cabal
2014-07-25 01:40:11 +0200 <oatsadn> hi, i’m having trouble with an SDL app. i did “cabal init” and then edited build-depends to look like: “build-depends: base >=4.6 && <4.7, SDL”. I’ve also done “cabal install SDL” and it says “Registering… Installed SDL-0.6.5” but when I run runhaskell it says “Setup.hs: At least the following dependencies are missing: SDL -any” — what might i be missing?
2014-07-24 21:38:34 +0200 <johnw> by Haskell I assume you mean just ghc, and not cabal
2014-07-24 19:56:41 +0200 <carter> or was it cabal-install
2014-07-24 19:56:35 +0200 <carter> acowley: theres been some bug fixes in cabal
2014-07-24 19:56:21 +0200 <acowley> cabal-install version, Cabal
2014-07-24 19:56:04 +0200 <acowley> The cabal file is the lib and a test-suite
2014-07-24 19:55:45 +0200 <carter> acowley: whats the cabal file look like
2014-07-24 19:55:10 +0200 <carter> cabal --version
2014-07-24 19:55:08 +0200 <carter> and what cabal-install version
2014-07-24 19:54:59 +0200 <carter> whats your cabal file look like
2014-07-24 19:54:44 +0200 <carter> are you doing paralle ghc or just paralle cabal
2014-07-24 19:54:22 +0200 <carter> acowley: did you try cabal clean?
2014-07-24 19:19:32 +0200 <moka_> hi, what's the correct way to deal with cabal reinstalls when installing a new package that could break others ? force ?
2014-07-24 17:59:05 +0200 <augur> RyanGlScott: cabal is awful
2014-07-24 17:58:53 +0200 <RyanGlScott> augur: Okay. What is it about cabal's executable feature that isn't sufficient?