2015-07-24 06:31:35 +0200 <jle`> cabal is the main workflow for these things heh
2015-07-24 06:31:09 +0200 <jle`> julianleviston: ah, you'd use cabal
2015-07-24 06:10:59 +0200 <orion> After I've compiled and installed GHC 7.10.1, how do I compile and install cabal 1.22?
2015-07-24 05:05:14 +0200 <athan> Jonno_FTW: Also, if you have cabal install, you could build it in a sandbox
2015-07-24 04:49:18 +0200 <geekosaur> Jonno_FTW, I don't think the Platform installs as non-root. You might install the ghc bindist, which can be installed as a user, and install the Platform libraries via cabal
2015-07-23 23:57:12 +0200 <AaronFriel> Cale: To compile: "cabal configure -f tests --enable-tests"
2015-07-23 23:29:40 +0200 <athan> lisbeth: I suggest you learn cabal packages, but you're probably thinking of `ghc --make foo.hs`
2015-07-23 20:54:02 +0200 <lspitzner> orion: probably caused by https://github.com/haskell/cabal/issues/1938
2015-07-23 20:42:19 +0200 <orion> Running "cabal clean" doesn't help.
2015-07-23 20:42:08 +0200 <orion> lspitzner: When I try to run "cabal test" all I get is: "cabal: You need to re-run the 'configure' command. The version of Cabal being used has changed (was Cabal-, now Cabal-"
2015-07-23 20:41:23 +0200 <orion> lspitzner: I have no idea why cabal is broken then.
2015-07-23 20:40:54 +0200 <lspitzner> orion: nope, versions of Cabal and cabal-install may differ
2015-07-23 20:33:26 +0200 <orion> When I install the latest cabal from hvr's PPA on Ubuntu 15.04, I see the following output: cabal-install version, using version of the Cabal library
2015-07-23 20:27:05 +0200 <edwardk> suppi: sorry, data-files: https://github.com/ekmett/hyphenation/blob/master/hyphenation.cabal#L35
2015-07-23 20:26:42 +0200 <suppi> edwardk, I didn't find extra-data-files in the cabal file, is this perhaps extra-source-files?
2015-07-23 20:24:33 +0200 <edwardk> https://github.com/ekmett/hyphenation packages a number of text files using extra-data-files in the cabal file
2015-07-23 20:16:39 +0200 <demize> `cabal clean`, `make clean`, `have you tried turned it off and on again`...
2015-07-23 20:16:02 +0200 <Pamelloes> Well, that's the extent of my cabal advice....
2015-07-23 20:15:28 +0200 <Pamelloes> Have you run cabal clean?
2015-07-23 20:15:07 +0200 <orion> Pamelloes: I am currently getting that message permanently when I try to run "cabal test" on Ubuntu/ghc 7.10/cabal 1.22
2015-07-23 20:14:00 +0200 <Pamelloes> orion: My experience has been that cabal does auto-run configure when necessary....
2015-07-23 17:54:34 +0200 <xandaros> When specifying dependencies in cabal, how can I enable flags for that dependency? (In particular, I want to enable to glfw flag for gloss)
2015-07-23 15:42:15 +0200 <Intolerable> if you're using cabal, cabal exec ghc-pkg list PACKAGE_NAME
2015-07-23 14:13:49 +0200 <Aejay> Cabal, cabal, cabal!
2015-07-23 13:40:24 +0200 <krokodil> Can somebody please explain the difference between `new-template.cabal` and `stack.yaml`? And which one should I use to specify dependencies and everything?
2015-07-23 12:59:50 +0200 <krokodil> OK, a simpler question, what's the difference between `new-template.cabal` and `stack.yaml`?
2015-07-23 11:36:13 +0200 <sdx23> tests for a package I'm developing write to the filesystem. How would you recommend to ensure that no files already exist at the beginning of the test? As I understood cabal doesn't do any cleanup between "cabal test" runs.
2015-07-23 08:57:39 +0200 <Cale> amarp: Note that you can cabal unpack things and fiddle with their .cabal and then cabal install (with no extra arguments) to install your modified version.
2015-07-23 08:48:03 +0200 <amarp> Hi I am into cabal hell. What's the cheapest way to get out of it?
2015-07-23 07:49:26 +0200 <haskell826> Any help will really be appreciated. I tried resetting all cabal packages
2015-07-23 07:49:03 +0200 <haskell826> I am new to cabal and already into problems :)
2015-07-23 07:42:55 +0200 <sydneyhacker> and test-suite in the cabal file like that
2015-07-23 07:38:31 +0200 <wedens> can somebody suggest me a tutorial on how to setup cabal+quickheck?
2015-07-22 22:56:13 +0200 <Fuuzetsu> how can I tell cabal to stop asking me for README? README.md is right there like it has been for a long time
2015-07-22 18:38:28 +0200 <fractalsea> How do I import modules in my cabal test-suite that are from other-modules (not exposed-modules) in my main library?