2014-11-08 21:34:28 +0100 <lpsmith> or just "cabal configure"
2014-11-08 21:34:00 +0100 <lpsmith> cabal install --only-dependencies
2014-11-08 21:33:49 +0100 <lpsmith> MaestroBones, you'll probably find cabal-install useful, which will automatically fetch missing dependencies that are on hackage or a local hackage-like server
2014-11-08 21:13:27 +0100hackagebotcabal-bounds 0.8.8 - A command line program for managing the bounds/versions of the dependencies in a cabal file. http://hackage.haskell.org/package/cabal-bounds-0.8.8 (DanielTrstenjak)
2014-11-08 20:18:23 +0100hackagebotcabal-cargs 0.7.4 - A command line program for extracting compiler arguments from a cabal file. http://hackage.haskell.org/package/cabal-cargs-0.7.4 (DanielTrstenjak)
2014-11-08 20:03:23 +0100hackagebotcabal-lenses 0.4.1 - Lenses and traversals for the Cabal library. http://hackage.haskell.org/package/cabal-lenses-0.4.1 (DanielTrstenjak)
2014-11-08 15:28:58 +0100 <osa1> I can't load my project's test suite to cabal repl because it's also trying to load library and it's failing to do so, any ideas how to load only the test suite to cabal repl?
2014-11-08 11:07:10 +0100 <jj_> can someone help me with a cabal problem?
2014-11-08 06:33:19 +0100 <Welkin> cabal isn't too bad
2014-11-08 06:32:11 +0100 <Ouyang> I love the Haskell language, im only starting out. But cabal seems like a nightmare
2014-11-08 06:31:55 +0100 <Ouyang> cabal : error 1
2014-11-08 06:29:18 +0100 <joelteon> Ouyang: cabal is only my package builder
2014-11-08 06:26:50 +0100 <ReinH> joelteon: cabal is not my friend right now
2014-11-08 06:25:18 +0100 <joelteon> if you use a different package manager for dependency resolution, cabal becomes much nicer
2014-11-08 06:25:04 +0100 <joelteon> cabal is my friend
2014-11-08 06:22:45 +0100 <Ouyang> not a big consumer of chinese entertainment. I mostly just sit in my room and cry about grub and cabal
2014-11-08 06:18:26 +0100 <joelteon> like a squeezable stress cabal?
2014-11-08 06:17:24 +0100 <Ouyang> would anyone be interested in the idea of cabal stress relievers?
2014-11-08 06:16:45 +0100 <dmj`> Welkin: it means you won't have to have both http-conduits and http-streams installed, which lessens your dependency load, lowering your chances of cabal hell
2014-11-08 06:15:12 +0100 <Ouyang> cabal is satan how do I overcome cabal
2014-11-08 06:06:43 +0100 <dmj`> Welkin: cabal update and try now
2014-11-08 05:36:04 +0100 <Welkin> I think random is the problem, but wouldn't cabal just update it is that were the issue?
2014-11-08 05:36:04 +0100 <dmj`> did you run cabal update
2014-11-08 03:14:51 +0100 <ReinH> try cabal configure --constraint="network < 2.6", I think that's the option
2014-11-08 03:14:24 +0100 <ReinH> stian_: does lambdabot have an upper bound on network in its cabal file?
2014-11-07 20:51:56 +0100 <Noinia> cabal build crashes with a ``[1] 70799 trace trap cabal build'' when trying to build my software. Anwyone an idea what I can do to track down what the problem is?
2014-11-07 20:09:50 +0100 <Fuco> cabal gives me "cabal: Unknown build tool chs", why is that? I have c2hs installed and it's on my path
2014-11-07 18:47:31 +0100 <absence> can i make cabal keep the temp .c file it uses to figure out if a library is installed?
2014-11-07 18:42:47 +0100 <absence> shouldn't passing --extra-lib-dirs to cabal result in a similar -L to gcc?
2014-11-07 18:31:14 +0100 <dcoutts_> deech: see the Cabal use guide on the autoconf build type, about running an external configure and getting info out
2014-11-07 18:20:31 +0100 <dcoutts_> deech: no, technically speaking it violates the cabal spec. Cabal tools have to start from a .cabal file. Cabal packages can use autoconf as part of the configure phase, but not to generate the .cabal file to start with
2014-11-07 18:11:59 +0100 <deech> I currently have a .cabal file generated using `autoconf`. Is there a way of getting cabal to run `autoconf` for me if a .cabal file doesn't exist?
2014-11-07 16:35:33 +0100 <gilligan-> Can someone explain to me why this cabal file isn't syntactically correct ? cabal check fails with ``cabal: ghci-ng.cabal:32: Parse of field 'default-extensions' failed.`` : http://lpaste.net/113897
2014-11-07 11:20:26 +0100 <ClaudiusMaximus> bernalex: probably wise to put {-# LANGUAGE CPP #-} in the source files that need it too, so you can load it without invoking cabal
2014-11-07 11:17:47 +0100 <ClaudiusMaximus> bernalex: extensions: CPP in the .cabal file, going from https://www.haskell.org/cabal/users-guide/developing-packages.html#modules-and-preprocessors