2015-11-19 20:44:16 +0100 <bergmark> long live cabal-dev
2015-11-17 23:39:55 +0100 <ttt_fff> this might be OT (but is for my haskell dev). So I'm using (1) vim, (2) cabal repl, (3) tmux, and (4) now -- nixos. My old setup was (1) put a "cabal repl" inside a named tmux (2) vim can then pipe commands to cabal repl by using tmux. Recently, I switched from ubuntu to nixos. Unfortunately, nix-shell appears to screw up my tmux where two tmuxes can only talk to each other if in the same nix-shell. Has a
2015-11-06 17:14:12 +0100 <quicksilver> suppi: http://dev.stephendiehl.com/hask/#cabal
2015-11-04 15:15:21 +0100 <dcoutts> merijn: current cabal-install doesn't deal with the implicit dependencies of Setup.hs scripts. (Though the new dev branch does)
2015-10-14 13:28:51 +0200 <hpc> i remember cabal-dev and then manually copy was something i liked to do for crazy stuff like mueval
2015-10-04 17:45:10 +0200 <mreh> Welkin, even using cabal-dev?
2015-09-27 07:04:59 +0200 <hftf> I'm trying to set up a dev env for pandoc alongside a stable version. Last time I was able to name the dev build as pandoc-1.15 to not clash with the pandoc name, but I can't remember how. Is there a cabal option to do this?
2015-09-21 14:07:57 +0200 <xyh> kaidelong: every time you dev a package, you just add its '.cabal-sandbox/bin' to your 'PATH' ??
2015-09-10 11:38:21 +0200 <bergmark> i'm still using our old cabal-dev sandbox setup for most things, it puts all sandboxes in ~/.cabal-dev so i don't accidentally delete them if i delete a checkout
2015-08-21 19:48:57 +0200 <codedmart> I have this in a cabal file https://github.com/AtnNn/haskell-rethinkdb/blob/f700133a4c2935389e1dd69ef887ae5f84cbe58a/rethinkdb… under an if flag(dev). Travis cabal check is failing on 7.10 with `'ghc-prof-options: -fprof-auto' is fine during development…`
2015-08-20 08:30:59 +0200 <xelxebar> I don't really know nix all that well, and while the problem persists, I can't really use my dev tools. So, this is really silly, but I wrote a cabal wrapper to manage a "cabal store" of individually sandboxed packages.
2015-08-11 10:33:46 +0200 <bennofs> + some scripting so I can load any haskell project with a cabal file in 3 commands (and it fetches most haskell lib deps from binary cache, so it's fast (but only for GHC 7.10)): themplate init <project> haskell-nix; cd <project>; dev-shell :)
2015-08-06 01:00:54 +0200 <drewbert> We just need to get stack support into ghc-mod, flymake, leksah, and all the other dev tools that rely on a traditional cabal setup.
2015-07-25 02:37:20 +0200dcouttsnotes that a dev branch of cabal-install has nix-style shared sandboxes
2015-07-18 19:58:03 +0200 <fizbin> Are you using cabal-dev?
2015-07-11 16:46:10 +0200 <favetelinguis> Im trying to get HDBC working on my mac but i dont understand what this is? http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise/libghc-hdbc-sqlite3-dev It is required for setting up hdbc on linux. Why is not the cabal hdbc and hdbc-sqlite3 enogh for hdbc?
2015-07-07 13:51:24 +0200 <dcoutts> (or test out the latest dev version of cabal-install and try out the new setup-deps feature)
2015-06-24 10:31:55 +0200 <barrucadu> http://coldwa.st/e/blog/2013-08-20-Cabal-sandbox.html#for-the-users-of-cabal-dev
2015-06-24 10:31:08 +0200 <barrucadu> m0rphism: Without looking into it, I assume cabal-dev's sandbox functionality predates cabal's
2015-06-24 10:30:47 +0200 <m0rphism> barrucadu: Is there some benefit for using regular cabal with sandboxes? I didn't knew this was possible. Where was the motivation for cabal-dev then?
2015-06-24 10:26:17 +0200 <m0rphism> IIRC to use cabal-dev I first cleaned the previous package conflict be removing the packages installed via regular cabal by removing ~/.cabal and then only used plain cabal to install cabal-dev.
2015-06-24 10:23:46 +0200 <m0rphism> haskell783: nix and stackage take a bit time to get into, cabal-dev behaves the same as cabal, but by default installs everything into $(pwd)/cabal-dev
2015-06-24 10:22:43 +0200 <m0rphism> haskell783: Instead the current practices seem to use either cabal-dev, which builds each project including its dependencies in a sandbox,
2015-06-23 02:19:59 +0200 <rofer> Is there a cabal-dev channel I could poke people in?
2015-05-30 12:53:50 +0200 <ph88> setup-Simple-Cabal- The pkg-config package 'fftw3f' version >=3.3 && <4 is required but it could not be found. do i need to install libfftw3-dev ?
2015-05-01 20:37:22 +0200 <slack1256> jo_os: http://dev.stephendiehl.com/hask/#cabal the easy way is explained there
2015-04-27 15:19:23 +0200 <benzrf> is there a notion of dev dependencies for cabal
2015-04-26 21:39:47 +0200 <dmj`> neuroserpens: when you specify the "O" it corresponds to Core transformations, the more transformations the more efficient your code can become, but the longer it will take to compile, so maybe make a flag "dev" "prod" etc. in your cabal file for those ghc-options
2015-04-18 17:53:35 +0200 <athan> You can also make your own isolated sandbox and use `cabal sandbox add-source ~/dev/foo` to add your functionality
2015-04-05 07:31:14 +0200 <Fylwind> but yeah I think the Cabal API docs are easier to read than the Cabal dev docs, but that's probably because I sort of already know where to look for things and don't need all the extra explanatory 'fluff'
2015-04-04 18:36:32 +0200 <noteventime> Geraldus: What happens if you set it to something explicit (the options here are: ghci, cabal-repl, cabal-dev, cabal-ghci)?
2015-04-03 16:15:07 +0200 <ph88> hey how can i make this work on windows? E:\dev\fuzzy>cabal install fft Resolving dependencies... Notice: installing into a sandbox located at E:\dev\fuzzy\.cabal-sandbox Downloading ix-shapable-0.1.0... Downloading storable-complex-0.2.2... Configuring storable-complex-0.2.2... Configuring ix-shapable-0.1.0... Building ix-shapable-0.1.0... Building storable-complex-0.2.2... Installed storable-complex-0.2.2 Installed ix-shapable-0.1
2015-03-15 20:27:22 +0100 <m0rphism> rui3: how are you installing your dependencies? I assume either cabal or cabal-dev?
2015-03-09 21:38:58 +0100 <gdoteof> i should probably clean the dev container at this point. in production i make the container on the fly with cabal install --only-dependencies
2015-02-28 18:41:05 +0100 <Cale> I don't know what it's called on arch, but on Mint, there's a libgtksourceview-3.0-dev package which you'd want to install before installing the cabal package for the Haskell binding.