2014-07-11 21:36:45 +0200 <luite> trap_exit: a non-dev version should just install with `cabal install ghcjs && ghcjs-boot`, as long as you have happy and node.js installed
2014-07-11 00:49:15 +0200 <dcoutts> zeiris: cabal-dev is thus deprecated now
2014-07-11 00:48:41 +0200 <zeiris> dcoutts: yeah, that works great with minimal dependencies, but once dep count grows enough cabal-dev looks necessary for sane builds. It looks like it's possible to do some hackery with --sandbox argument that'll work, was curious whether there's a Correct clean way :)
2014-07-11 00:42:31 +0200 <zeiris> Is there a way to build redistributable binaries with cabal-dev, based out of /usr or /usr/local or /opt?
2014-07-09 04:52:01 +0200 <n0n3such> http://dev.stephendiehl.com/hask/#cabal
2014-07-06 06:43:45 +0200 <mzero> I suspect that nix, working at the level of individual haskell dev. packages, would fare no better than cabal
2014-07-04 07:02:23 +0200 <johann> haskell-process-start: cl-ecase failed: cabal-repl, (ghci quote cabal-ghci quote cabal-dev quote)
2014-07-03 20:43:16 +0200 <dmj``> ahhh: cabal test --log=/dev/stdout
2014-06-30 23:21:26 +0200 <tulcod> tolt: i think cabal essentially has all the stuff you should need from cabal-dev
2014-06-30 23:16:35 +0200 <joelteon> tolt: also, I don't think cabal-dev allows you to add other local dependencies
2014-06-30 23:15:14 +0200 <tolt> I could be very wrong but cabal sandbox has the same purpose as cabal-dev and cabal repl just loads a specific cabal project
2014-06-30 23:13:18 +0200 <sveit> is there some verdict or opinion on cabal repl vs cabal-dev vs ghci?
2014-06-30 06:24:14 +0200 <redtricycle> and...i tried cabal install cabal-dev but it gave warnings that it would break packages due to dependency checking
2014-06-29 15:30:43 +0200 <mm_freak_> they are pretty similar to the now obsolete cabal-dev sandboxes, just better
2014-06-18 05:50:23 +0200 <kyagrd> has anyone had problems using cabal-dev ghci reloading?
2014-06-13 04:20:41 +0200 <Cale> did you post /home/athan/dev/yesod-platform-1.2.12/.cabal-sandbox/logs/attoparsec- ?
2014-06-12 07:14:43 +0200 <knappador> attempting to get a cabal-dev environment going
2014-06-09 02:06:04 +0200 <numberto> can somebody please explain how to install cabal-dev?
2014-06-09 02:00:59 +0200 <numberto> problem installing cabal-dev. I am on archlinux. Here is the error I get: http://pastie.org/9272029
2014-06-04 08:52:02 +0200 <Maerten> is this the right error log -> ./cabal-dev/logs/build.log ?
2014-06-02 23:39:00 +0200 <merijn> l0cust: Pretty sure cabal-dev is deprecated now that recent cabals have build in sandboxing
2014-06-02 23:38:24 +0200 <l0cust> Hey, y'all. I am getting dependency errors trying to install cabal-dev
2014-05-26 00:01:04 +0200 <aspidites> or this -> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/20391639/how-to-use-hdevtools-with-cabal-dev
2014-05-25 10:57:08 +0200 <mirpa> Adamax: try cabal with sandboxes instead of cabal-dev
2014-05-25 10:49:52 +0200 <Adamax> Hi! I downloaded ghc-7.8.2 for windows and installed cabal; now when I'm trying to cabal install cabal-dev, it complains that it cannot find ghc; but I have ghc on the path. How do I fix this?
2014-05-11 17:05:48 +0200 <geekosaur> don't use cabal-dev. you need hsenv for that
2014-05-11 17:05:03 +0200 <_Vi> What's easiest way to install legacy GHC on Linux into "cabal-dev" without affecting the whole system?
2014-05-11 16:59:59 +0200 <_Vi> benmachine, Can "cabal-dev" or something keep parallel older GHC installation?
2014-05-11 16:58:41 +0200 <_Vi> BTW how do I query the package database that gets downloaded with "cabal[-dev] update"? I.e. search packages, list versions of a package, list dependencies...
2014-05-11 16:57:30 +0200 <_Vi> What does mean "only already installed instances can be used"? I'm trying to do "cabal-dev install base-4.4.0"?
2014-05-10 05:33:13 +0200 <carter> it just means you evad cabal hell when doig the dev
2014-05-10 04:01:58 +0200 <LordBrain> the older thing was to use cabal-dev
2014-05-09 20:36:56 +0200 <ew0000> so, I can now run a cabal-dev build sucessfuly
2014-05-09 20:14:48 +0200 <lally> Hi, any cabal-dev (or new sandbox) users here?
2014-05-08 20:14:33 +0200 <geekosaur> alternately it means use cabal sandbox (if you have cabal 1.18) or cabal-dev/hsenv to build an environment where you can make sure everything builds sanelt