2015-03-15 20:27:22 +0100 <m0rphism> rui3: how are you installing your dependencies? I assume either cabal or cabal-dev?
2015-03-09 21:38:58 +0100 <gdoteof> i should probably clean the dev container at this point. in production i make the container on the fly with cabal install --only-dependencies
2015-02-28 18:41:05 +0100 <Cale> I don't know what it's called on arch, but on Mint, there's a libgtksourceview-3.0-dev package which you'd want to install before installing the cabal package for the Haskell binding.
2015-02-26 07:05:58 +0100 <pacak> zav: Because cabal-dev is no longer supported
2015-02-26 07:02:13 +0100 <zav> cabal sandbox vs cabal-dev anyone?
2015-02-13 18:48:58 +0100 <clintm> I just want to confirm that I'm on the right track with something. It's been a solid year since I've written anything and the dev environment seems to have changed. If I start from a bare machine with the latest stable ghc, and haskell/cabal from github, is it expected that if I want everything to work correctly, I sandbox everything else and symlink the executables? happy and alex come to mind.
2015-01-22 02:00:53 +0100 <meditans> benzrf: is here any cabal dev I could ask, here (I'm not posting this question in a mailing list because I suspect that the answer is no, and would like a quick check)
2015-01-17 23:40:13 +0100 <wolftune> Cale: the command I ran was cabal configure -f dev --enable-tests && cabal build -j5
2015-01-14 23:31:20 +0100 <luite> SrPx: you shouldn't install cabal 1.23 unles you want to do cabal dev, use the 1.22 branch
2015-01-12 18:32:12 +0100 <mpickering> cabal-dev is unmaintained now I think
2015-01-12 18:30:20 +0100 <developernotes> Has anyone run into a similar failure when attempting to install cabal-dev: http://pastie.org/9827794
2015-01-12 18:20:54 +0100 <developernotes> I am attempting to install cabal-dev with a fresh haskell install on OS X. I receive the following error (http://pastie.org/9827794) as it checks the dependencies. Any suggestions?
2015-01-10 05:42:05 +0100 <lisbeth> I need the fedora equivelent of zlib1g-dev in ubuntu, so that I can cabal install cabal-install
2015-01-02 21:37:19 +0100 <RedNifre> I haven't done any haskell dev in over a month, maybe it's been too long since I last ran cabal update so it needs too much memory now?
2014-12-29 16:26:09 +0100 <joroboro> cabal: There is no package named 'libghc-x11-dev'.
2014-12-29 14:59:03 +0100 <fizbin> So you see how my cabal-dev line there has those maximum version constraints on network and text...
2014-12-29 14:58:29 +0100 <fizbin> But the cabal file in the snap-server package will have the version constraints on text that snap-server uploaded with originally, so then cabal-dev will try to build and it'll say "wait, this version of text doesn't satisfy these constraints"
2014-12-29 14:57:26 +0100 <fizbin> Because what's happened is that the author of snap-server adjusted the version constraints when a newer version of text was published, but did so without pushing a new version of snap-server. So cabal-dev will pull the database, conclude "ah, snap-server can take the most recent version of text", install the most recent version, and then pull the snap-server package.
2014-12-29 14:55:29 +0100 <fizbin> So that means that you tell cabal-dev to do something like install "snap-server" and it'll go install a version of text and of network that it later yells at you about.
2014-12-29 14:54:37 +0100 <fizbin> The one weird thing about cabal-dev is that it doesn't compute dependencies properly for libraries that have had their descriptions updated through the hackage web interface without a new package being uploaded.
2014-12-29 14:40:39 +0100 <fizbin> Oh. Well, when I've needed to do that I first install cabal-dev. If I'm being extra paranoid, I first install cabal-dev to a per-project directory with:
2014-12-26 00:54:06 +0100 <srhb> Aruro: An easier solution might be to find / -name cabal 2> /dev/null
2014-12-24 11:53:51 +0100 <quchen2> When Cabal complains that the "pkg-config package X could not be found", what's the name of the package it expects? I've got a package installed (couchbase), but I can't make Cabal find it. I've tried all combinations of couchbase{,2}{,-dev} already.
2014-12-09 23:50:26 +0100 <pavonia> I'm still trying to build the curl package, and cabal configure and build seem to work fine (I pass the curl dev directories via --extra-include/lib-dirs), but the registering fails. Does anyone have an idea what could be the problem here? http://lpaste.net/115551
2014-12-09 16:17:48 +0100 <athan> Hey folks, `cabal haddock` is throwing an error, telling me it can't find a .hi file (or it's corrupt) in one of my local libraries that I `cabal sandbox add-source ~/dev/foo` included it. How would I go about fixing this?
2014-12-07 23:46:11 +0100 <stephen_> dagnachew: initialize a sandbox in you dev directory, add all your dependencies to your package .cabal file, then use package-install --only-dependencies; cabal build. If you're missing anything, update the dependency list in your package cabal file, and repeat.
2014-11-26 20:30:31 +0100 <sshine> I installed a system package called zlib1g-dev because 'cabal install cabal-install' failed by missing zlib.h.
2014-11-14 01:06:41 +0100 <RaceCondition> I'm setting up a Haskell dev env for the first time and I have no idea why cabal isn't able to set packages up
2014-11-12 18:24:22 +0100 <supki> fizbin: looks like cabal-dev can't handle .cabal files changed via hackage web interface
2014-11-12 18:15:40 +0100 <fizbin> I can't seem to install snap-core cleanly using cabal-dev on ghc 7.4.1. Could someone look at http://lpaste.net/114180 and tell me whether this is a cabal bug, a cabal-dev bug, a snap-core bug, or user error?
2014-11-12 15:13:48 +0100 <fizbin> Anyone know if cabal-dev is still supported/being worked on?
2014-11-06 02:54:45 +0100 <Fuuzetsu> batchm: sandboxes are a lot better than what we had before (cabal-dev &c) but I have since moved onto using nix which does cache build results as well as getting you binary caches from elsewhere
2014-10-31 19:34:59 +0100 <jfischoff> scalapeno: cabal-dev is deprecated
2014-10-31 19:34:10 +0100 <scalapeno> cabal: There is no package named 'cabal-dev'."
2014-10-31 19:34:09 +0100 <scalapeno> can anyone point me in the right direction here: "cabal update; cabal install cabal-dev