2014-07-23 23:57:52 +0200 <quchen> RyanGlScott: You can see it yourself here: http://lpaste.net/107988
2014-07-23 23:03:08 +0200 <i_am_neuron> Hi folks, newbie here. I'm implementing a primitive logging system within IO that I can switch on and off when needed, without changing anything in the code except the logMessage definition. I got as far as this: http://lpaste.net/107983
2014-07-23 23:01:51 +0200 <monochrom> mmachenry: http://lpaste.net/107982
2014-07-23 22:53:40 +0200 <mmachenry> I am having some trouble figuring out how to get some code to be more idiomatic as well as behave properly in STM. My code is marching off to the right but the problem is it uses Maybe in the opposite way its monadic instance would help me with. http://lpaste.net/107978
2014-07-23 19:39:13 +0200 <keep_learning> savanni: http://lpaste.net/107971
2014-07-23 19:03:49 +0200 <keep_learning> it shows lot of broken package http://lpaste.net/107970
2014-07-23 16:52:24 +0200 <Tjr> http://lpaste.net/107962
2014-07-23 15:37:41 +0200 <suppi> http://lpaste.net/3107084796258418688
2014-07-23 14:01:53 +0200 <Freinn> http://lpaste.net/107949
2014-07-23 14:00:39 +0200 <frerich> Freinn: Well, you could proceed to paste whatever source code and compiler errors you're dealing with at lpaste.net :)
2014-07-23 11:38:08 +0200 <frerich> The talk about record syntax reminds me - I recently had a case like http://lpaste.net/107948 where I wanted to bump a field of a value by one, and the field to bump depends on some other value. The code is somewhat ugly. I tried something like 'let field = longFieldName in x { field = field x + 1 }' but that didn't work either (since "field" is not a valid field name). I *suppose* lens would be an option here,
2014-07-23 10:37:37 +0200 <ghorn_> zereraz: here's another way to do it http://lpaste.net/107945
2014-07-23 10:30:21 +0200 <zereraz> http://lpaste.net/107942
2014-07-23 10:22:51 +0200 <zereraz> http://lpaste.net/107942
2014-07-23 10:21:04 +0200 <zereraz> http://lpaste.net/107942
2014-07-23 10:16:57 +0200 <zereraz> tdammers: ok gonna use this http://lpaste.net/new/haskell
2014-07-23 09:56:53 +0200 <serutsubi> frerich: Do you know why I'm getting this error: http://lpaste.net/2308843778309357568. It is inside the "main = do"
2014-07-23 09:34:30 +0200 <frerich> serutsubi: You could also separate printing the field and the logo, like in http://lpaste.net/107936
2014-07-23 09:28:11 +0200 <serutsubi> Also, these lines are far above 80 characters, but splitting them would make it look like a mess. Any suggestions? http://lpaste.net/3085570849806221312
2014-07-23 09:25:29 +0200 <serutsubi> http://lpaste.net/5715042655545589760
2014-07-23 09:24:08 +0200 <frerich> serutsubi: Try pasting it to http://lpaste.net/new/haskell so that people can see it
2014-07-23 08:24:23 +0200 <mr-> Hey, I am trying to define a type-safe inits using type level Nats: http://lpaste.net/107933 but I can't make sense of the error message it is giving me (or rather, how to fix it)
2014-07-22 23:00:39 +0200 <klao> jorendorff: http://lpaste.net/107913
2014-07-22 22:09:40 +0200 <mr-> Hey, given http://lpaste.net/107907 (type level Nat, fixed length vectors and a heterogeneous (in the number of elements) list of vectors). How would I define a map :: (Vec a n -> Vec b m) -> VecList ns -> VecList ms for that? (I know that type cannot be that)
2014-07-22 21:27:57 +0200 <mmachenry> Can anyone tell me why my applicative parser of my DB results doesn't work? I thought I was copying the example code from hackage (link in the comments) but I'm getting a type error (which is also in the comments) http://lpaste.net/107897
2014-07-22 17:39:58 +0200 <fread2282> cleaned up the code a bit: http://lpaste.net/7823885771273666560
2014-07-22 17:33:15 +0200 <fread2282> http://lpaste.net/1695494067296665600
2014-07-22 17:32:06 +0200 <fread2282> michaelt: gives me http://lpaste.net/2440059427248668672 error
2014-07-22 17:31:14 +0200 <fread2282> here's my attempt so far, w/ context: http://lpaste.net/1695494067296665600
2014-07-22 16:51:59 +0200 <lambdabot> http://lpaste.net/new/haskell
2014-07-22 16:51:59 +0200 <c_wraith> @where lpaste
2014-07-22 16:51:56 +0200 <c_wraith> gregnwosu: please use lpaste for code samples longer than 1 line
2014-07-22 10:17:13 +0200 <XexonixXexillion> http://lpaste.net/107874 can anyone think of a way to make line 31 type check? (aside from what's on line 32 XD )
2014-07-22 09:15:41 +0200 <int3__> tdammers: jle`: http://lpaste.net/107871
2014-07-22 08:57:22 +0200 <tac_> also, http://lpaste.net and paste your code