2016-02-02 10:15:54 +0100 <MasseR> But with cabal hell, cabal sandboxes, stack, virthualenv, we have a fast moving target for tools such as these
2016-01-05 15:31:09 +0100 <MasseR> cdupont: I'm serious :). Set up ghc-mod. Out comes virthualenv, ghc-mod breaks. Fix ghc-mod to work with virthualenv, cabal sandboxes deprecate virthualenv and ghc-mod breaks. Couldn't figure out how to fix ghc-mod by myself, and no official support for many months. End up using nixos, got ghc-mod working there. My laptop breaks, no more nixos. Set up cabal sandbox, stack makes its appearance
2015-06-05 15:04:25 +0200 <dramforever> reminds me of virthualenv
2014-10-07 19:07:46 +0200 <dmj`> gcgangley: yea its just like cabal exec, where venv folder is your cabal sandbox, there used to be a virthualenv
2014-08-10 15:33:47 +0200 <Philonous> http://hackage.haskell.org/package/virthualenv
2014-08-10 15:33:34 +0200 <Philonous> mjrosenb, Not with cabal, no, but virthualenv supports that
2014-01-18 23:37:29 +0100 <derekv> Cale: like, replace with virthualenv vs hsenv vs cabal-sandbox
2014-01-18 22:59:03 +0100 <roboguy_> dv00: I think virthualenv is deprecated in favor of hsenv
2014-01-18 22:55:02 +0100 <dv00> i started by looking at my last toy project, and I saw virthualenv ... but now I remember having screwed with multiple systems and I see a cabal sandbox as well
2014-01-18 22:52:53 +0100 <dv00> roboguy_ would you start with virthualenv cabal sandbox or something else?
2014-01-18 22:25:02 +0100 <dv00> I keep getting confused about which tools I should be using such as cabal and/or virthualenv
2013-12-26 06:18:17 +0100 <codygman> bleh, I just want to program. Maybe I was using virthualenv before... I'll try that again I guess.
2013-12-26 03:26:29 +0100 <codygman> Anyone use haskell-mode and emacs? How do you get it to work with cabal (or virthualenv)?
2013-12-09 18:18:22 +0100hackagebotvirthualenv 0.2.2 - Virtual Haskell Environment builder http://hackage.haskell.org/package/virthualenv-0.2.2 (BartoszCwiklowski)
2013-11-28 19:01:02 +0100 <derekv> last week i had a project working with flymake and virthualenv and everything was fantastic and eutopian
2013-11-28 02:47:27 +0100 <jle`> dlllv: yeah there are still blog posts out there using virthualenv that i even run into today
2013-11-28 02:47:08 +0100 <dlllv> someone on a web page told me i should use virthualenv. ofc they might have been telling me to do that from three years ago
2013-11-28 02:45:51 +0100 <geekosaur> (virthualenv was renamed for hsenv for v2+)
2013-11-28 02:45:37 +0100 <geekosaur> it is not impossible that virthualenv does not work with modern ghc
2013-11-28 02:45:21 +0100 <geekosaur> dlllv, virthualenv is rather out of date, perhaps you want hsenv?
2013-11-28 02:44:02 +0100 <dlllv> I'm getting this error "bad interface file" and "mismatched interface file versions". trying to use virthualenv on osx, not sure what changed.
2013-08-07 15:04:59 +0200 <MasseR> virthualenv
2013-08-07 15:04:04 +0200 <MasseR> elflord: By having separate repos (cabal-dev, virthualenv)
2013-08-04 02:08:40 +0200 <geekosaur> virthualenv is the ancient first version of hsenv
2013-08-04 02:08:25 +0200 <geekosaur> "virthualenv"? try hsenv
2013-08-04 02:05:54 +0200 <mstksg> roboguy_: virthualenv
2013-07-30 23:01:08 +0200 <geekosaur> hsenv is the successor to (and effectively 2nd major version of) virthualenv
2013-07-30 23:00:13 +0200 <nabilhassein> do any of you have experience with hsenv? is it a more modern version of virthualenv?
2013-07-28 23:03:53 +0200 <kier> A package I'm attempting to install (virthualenv) requires base <4.6, yet I have installed. Do I assume is compatible with bases < 4.6 and edit the requirement in the package's .cabal file, or try to "down-grade" my base?
2013-07-04 21:02:54 +0200 <subbyyy> which one is better, cabal-dev or virthualenv?
2013-06-20 00:33:26 +0200 <nabilhassein> i think it's related to virthualenv, which I just began using
2013-06-19 17:12:28 +0200 <nabilhassein> elliott: like using cabal-dev or virthualenv or something along those lines?
2013-06-07 23:34:14 +0200 <mm_freak> virtHualenv
2013-06-07 23:33:58 +0200 <mm_freak> there is also virthualenv, but that one doesn't build for me (GHC 7.6)
2013-05-30 06:07:29 +0200 <blackdog> Clint: isn't hsenv the evolution of virthualenv?