2015-12-03 22:14:35 +0000nkaretnikov(~nikita@unaffiliated/nkar) (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
2015-12-03 22:14:36 +0000 <JazzyEagle> I'll need mray's help to figure out what CSS is needed. He never told me what changes he made or how it works now.
2015-12-03 22:14:56 +0000 <mray> the search bar isn't working right - so we need to remove it, too
2015-12-03 22:15:39 +0000 <JazzyEagle> mray: I thought everyone said that they wanted the search bar to at least be visible, only disabled. That's what I did, with a placholder that says Coming Soon.
2015-12-03 22:15:46 +0000 <mray> also isntead of the dropdon the idea is to have multiple menu entries next to each other
2015-12-03 22:15:58 +0000 <wolftune> we can leave the search thing for the mockups and just comment it out if it's still not working when we decide that the rest of the page is ready to deploy
2015-12-03 22:16:42 +0000 <JazzyEagle> mray: I'm not sure which dropdown you're referring to (the browse one was just removed, because we're down to one item now)
2015-12-03 22:17:03 +0000 <mray> my idea was to have it at least working in the way that you ahve a working button and a search page but no results on it
2015-12-03 22:17:07 +0000 <JazzyEagle> Ok, I'll comment out the search bar.
2015-12-03 22:17:15 +0000 <mray> @dropdown: the one in the navbar on the left next to the logo
2015-12-03 22:17:32 +0000 <JazzyEagle> Ok. That one was just removed.
2015-12-03 22:17:42 +0000 <wolftune> JazzyEagle: I say: leave the search bar present for now until it's the *last* thing to remove before we feel up for deploying
2015-12-03 22:18:32 +0000 <JazzyEagle> wolftune: Once you and mray give your thumb's up, it's ready for deploying, AFAIK
2015-12-03 22:18:54 +0000 <wolftune> my point is that I think there will be other concerns as we keep working
2015-12-03 22:19:03 +0000 <mray> deploying like putting it live?
2015-12-03 22:19:21 +0000 <JazzyEagle> Yes, deploying like putting it live.
2015-12-03 22:20:15 +0000 <JazzyEagle> wolftune: How much more work are you anticipating for the homepage?
2015-12-03 22:20:19 +0000 <wolftune> I think we can deploy before perfect, but it's not quite there yet
2015-12-03 22:20:21 +0000 <JazzyEagle> What much more is left to be done?
2015-12-03 22:20:59 +0000 <wolftune> JazzyEagle: issue: when logged in, the notification thing is just a circle, and without notifications it's a plain circle. It's totally unclear what that is
2015-12-03 22:21:20 +0000 <mray> JazzyEagle, how recent is the version on http://jazzyeagle.ddns.net:3000/# - are you working on that *now*?
2015-12-03 22:21:28 +0000 <wolftune> "Notifications N/A" ?
2015-12-03 22:21:40 +0000 <JazzyEagle> wolftune: Yes, because we weren't able to get the Notification count working yet due to circular imports.
2015-12-03 22:21:46 +0000 <JazzyEagle> chreekat said to skip that for now.
2015-12-03 22:21:50 +0000 <JazzyEagle> Do you want me to comment all that out too?
2015-12-03 22:21:56 +0000 <wolftune> ah
2015-12-03 22:22:51 +0000 <montanonic> Just in case anyone is touching this stuff: I'm refactoring anything and everything to do with Comments right now.
2015-12-03 22:23:16 +0000 <montanonic> I'm not breaking any code, but I'm just moving stuff around and modularizing it.
2015-12-03 22:23:26 +0000 <JazzyEagle> wolftune: Did you want me to comment out those Notification count sections?
2015-12-03 22:24:13 +0000 <mray> afk a bit...
2015-12-03 22:24:15 +0000 <wolftune> well, we can skip that in that we can keep working on other things, but we should have the notifications working before we deploy
2015-12-03 22:24:26 +0000 <wolftune> montanonic: yay!
2015-12-03 22:24:41 +0000 <wolftune> montanonic: nobody is currently doing anything with comments otherwise right now
2015-12-03 22:24:57 +0000 <JazzyEagle> wolftune: So... Then what do you want me to do with this work?
2015-12-03 22:25:19 +0000mlncn(~quassel@dhcp-18-111-59-42.dyn.MIT.EDU) (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)